Tweeting For the Cure

I hate running, that was my first thought waking up this past Saturday morning, at 6 a.m., to participate in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. The 5k race was offered in either a run or a walk and anyone could participate. My friend Megan signed us up for the race as part of our “summer of 5k’s” that we decided to do earlier in the year. After laying there for a while I finally forced myself to get out of bed because this race was for a good cause.

Susan G. Komen, is an organization that has set out to increase breast cancer awareness and has now become the global leader in the breast cancer movement. The organization sets out to increase breast cancer awareness by advocating about it and funding research in hopes of finding a cure. Susan G. Komen also sponsors nationwide 5k races, one featured in central Ohio.

Columbus features the second largest race, although participation was down this year. All proceeds from the race go to funding the organization and its extensive breast cancer research. Anyone can participate; individuals, groups, businesses, survivors and families are among the thousands of people you will see at the starting line of either a timed 5k run, untimed 5k run, 5k walk or one mile family fun walk. Finding a race is easy with online access or onsite destinations where people can sign up for the race and learn more information about breast cancer and Susan G. Komen.

I signed up for the race on Friday, May 18, the day before the race. With my $30 sign- up fee I received a Race For the Cure T-shirt, a runners number and important information regarding the race and what it’s all about, all while donating to the foundation. Quite possibly one of the best $30 I have spent in some time.

The race was a rewarding experience. I met a lot of people who have survived breast cancer, currently have breast cancer and people who were also affected by the deadly cancer. Individuals who currently have breast cancer or are survivors stood out among the sea of white Race for the Cure T-shirts by wearing the same shirt design only in hot pink. I got chills watching those same people cross the survivor finish line where they shared their stories to the crowd congratulating them on completing the race, it was truly inspiring.

Whether you’re a runner or not, a 5k is truly a rewarding experience giving you a sense of accomplishment. Susan G. Komen takes those races one step further. Educating participants and the crowd about their research and breast cancer awareness. Crossing the finish line will not only provide participants with a sense of accomplishment but also a sense of pride knowing that it was for a great cause. So next year when that alarm goes off early in the morning remember this, you’re running (or walking) for the cure.


About erikaalane

I am a senior at The Ohio State University where I am a strategic communications major. Upon graduating in December of 2012, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. Follow me on twitter @erikaalane
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