Pitching as we knew it

Media has changed the way we view products and their advertisements over the years. Andy Beaupre discusses how pitching has changed over the years in his article on ragan.com, bringing up a valid point that pitching is an idea that is slowly becoming a marketing strategy of the past.

After growing up in a generation that has learned to rely on media in our everyday lives, it’s hard to see the affects that a pitch can have on consumers.  In my opinion, companies should be focused on brand awareness rather that pitching new information to reporters so that it can be reported in a short ,one- sided way.

Beaupre discusses that pitching doesn’t work anymore, I agree. He threw out the idea that instead of pitching it needed to be a two- sided conversation, by telling a story, listening, learning, and investing time. This way clients can build a relationship with the brand that will be meaningful because they can relate to the product and/ or the company.

Who wouldn’t want to hear about a product, how it was used, and the impact it had on other people’s lives? I’m the type of person who remembers a advertisement in which it’s telling me a story that someone else had with the product, rather than just reading facts about the product written by the company.

Although pitching is used to update society and to create publicity, I would have to agree with Beaupre that there are better ways to do so than relying on print media which is now outdated. When pitching an idea, the likelihood of it being published is slim. Relying on reporters to pick and choose what they want to report on while considering how its written, deadlines, etc., there’s not guarantees that your pitch will be used.

Social media has shifted how brands receive publicity. Now brands can create facebook pages and twitter accounts to generate brand awareness. By using new social media strategies not only can brands create publicity, but they can also use these sites as a hub to interact with current and potential clients. There they can share stories, generate feedback from consumers, share testimonies, have special offers, and other marketing strategies to create a customer relationship.

As a result Beaupre was right, pitching is dying, but it’s up to the brands, are they willing to adapt to this change?


About erikaalane

I am a senior at The Ohio State University where I am a strategic communications major. Upon graduating in December of 2012, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. Follow me on twitter @erikaalane
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