Twitter Your Life


Before communications 221 in the fall, I never wanted anything to do with twitter. I remember posting a status to facebook complaining because I thought we were required to have a twitter for the class. Since I signed up for the social media site I have been hooked, it has become a part of my everyday life, like breathing.

I enjoy the fact that I can generally find anything I need on twitter, whether it is up to date news coverage, horoscopes, career advice, the weather or general thoughts of those I follow. In fact, twitter is where I often times find out news first before I hear it from any other media outlet. Following local news stations has helped me keep up with what’s going on around me because it’s available at my finger tips on my twitter application on my phone.

I find myself tweeting my personal thoughts, but also about different products or companies that I’ve had a recent experience with. I think twitter is useful on both a personal and professional level, although the two mixing  can cause conflicts on a professional level. I’d like to think of myself as a semi- professional when it comes to the social media site, but I also tweet a lot of my personal thoughts.

However, I also like to tweet about companies and products that are part of my day to day life. I tweet to and about Starbucks multiple times throughout the week, occasionally about their customer incentive programs. It’s also helpful to tweet to companies, news outlets, or potential employers about different products or questions you have.

I recently tweeted Nationwide Arena for questions I had regarding upcoming events, they responded to my tweet in a timely manner, and provided me with all the information I requested and more. It’s impressive to me when a company takes the time to interact with customers and go above and beyond customer service.

Similarly, I enjoy asking people associated with the public relations handle advice regarding potential jobs. Not only do I generally get retweeted with an answer but I also get a lot more follows from people who follow the hashtag’s conversation. I recommended that other students follow @YouTern, an internship program designed to help students find an internship that suits them. I also recommend that they follow any potential or dream employer so they can keep up to date with what’s going on in the company, and provide any feedback to potentially get noticed.

Twitter has helped open the social media door, by linking people together who otherwise they wouldn’t know. You can learn a lot of useful information through the site while also teaching others something they may not have known. Watch out social media sites, twitter is taking over.


About erikaalane

I am a senior at The Ohio State University where I am a strategic communications major. Upon graduating in December of 2012, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. Follow me on twitter @erikaalane
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