Blogging for a career

Writing for some can be a way to express feelings that otherwise they may not feel comfortable discussing. Blogging is a growing profession where people can not only express what they feel, but in some cases can be paid for sharing their thoughts. As Jenna Burke explained to our communications class, blogging can be about anything, and anyone can relate to what you blog.

This idea got me thinking, how can blogging help land you your dream job? What are people really interested in reading about in blogs? We all know Perez Hilton has an infamous blog discussing celebrities and all the drama that comes along with it, but who really wants to be remembered for that? Not I.

As communication majors we are expected to use social media sites to talk about brands or products, as well other things going on in the world. Many have found that aside from using social media sites such as twitter or facebook, blogging has been a successful way to get their name out in the communications/ public relations field.  Bloggers have found that potential employers look at their blogs, making them stand out amongst other employee candidates.

I enjoy the idea of being able to blog about things that I find interesting or that relate to my life. Product or brand blogs are the type of blogs I would focus on, personally. Giving my feedback, which would help to promote different things, in turn possibly helping to get my blog and other works noticed. Blog what you know, what you feel, and what you think, who knows it could potentially turn into a career.


About erikaalane

I am a senior at The Ohio State University where I am a strategic communications major. Upon graduating in December of 2012, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. Follow me on twitter @erikaalane
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