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Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Erika Stout, I am a strategic communications major at The Ohio State University. Upon graduating in December, I hope to find a job in Public Relations. My goal is to find a job somewhere in the South, preferably either of the Carolina’s or Tennessee. I work a full- time job as a server at a restaurant while attending school, because of this I have not had a lot of time to have an internship or gain much experience in the field of communications.

My job as a server has given me some opportunities to participate in activities with the public to promote the company, similar to what we have been taught about in classes. The restaurant, Leghorns, has been working to expand by opening new locations around the state of Ohio, someday hoping to branch out into other states.

During fall quarter of my sophomore year, I took a communications class to fulfill a general education class, and I loved the class. I thought a lot about changing my major from business finance to any major in the communications field. I considered a lot of things before deciding to make the switch but one thing was really the deciding factor, I’m a people person. I enjoy dealing with people, writing, and figuring out new creative ways to communicate. At the same time I enjoy the business side of things, but I could not see myself ever sitting behind a desk doing paperwork or spread sheets all day, every day.

Since I changed my major in Winter Quarter of 2010, I have never thought twice about changing my major. I’m excited to see what the future holds for my in the communications field. I am also currently seeking and internship for this summer and hope to gain a lot of experience through learning about potential jobs through a more hands on approach. I have faith that I will gain enough experience to find a job in public relations in the future, and I am excited to graduate and start a career.



About erikaalane

I am a senior at The Ohio State University where I am a strategic communications major. Upon graduating in December of 2012, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. Follow me on twitter @erikaalane
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