Tweeting For the Cure

I hate running, that was my first thought waking up this past Saturday morning, at 6 a.m., to participate in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. The 5k race was offered in either a run or a walk and anyone could participate. My friend Megan signed us up for the race as part of our “summer of 5k’s” that we decided to do earlier in the year. After laying there for a while I finally forced myself to get out of bed because this race was for a good cause.

Susan G. Komen, is an organization that has set out to increase breast cancer awareness and has now become the global leader in the breast cancer movement. The organization sets out to increase breast cancer awareness by advocating about it and funding research in hopes of finding a cure. Susan G. Komen also sponsors nationwide 5k races, one featured in central Ohio.

Columbus features the second largest race, although participation was down this year. All proceeds from the race go to funding the organization and its extensive breast cancer research. Anyone can participate; individuals, groups, businesses, survivors and families are among the thousands of people you will see at the starting line of either a timed 5k run, untimed 5k run, 5k walk or one mile family fun walk. Finding a race is easy with online access or onsite destinations where people can sign up for the race and learn more information about breast cancer and Susan G. Komen.

I signed up for the race on Friday, May 18, the day before the race. With my $30 sign- up fee I received a Race For the Cure T-shirt, a runners number and important information regarding the race and what it’s all about, all while donating to the foundation. Quite possibly one of the best $30 I have spent in some time.

The race was a rewarding experience. I met a lot of people who have survived breast cancer, currently have breast cancer and people who were also affected by the deadly cancer. Individuals who currently have breast cancer or are survivors stood out among the sea of white Race for the Cure T-shirts by wearing the same shirt design only in hot pink. I got chills watching those same people cross the survivor finish line where they shared their stories to the crowd congratulating them on completing the race, it was truly inspiring.

Whether you’re a runner or not, a 5k is truly a rewarding experience giving you a sense of accomplishment. Susan G. Komen takes those races one step further. Educating participants and the crowd about their research and breast cancer awareness. Crossing the finish line will not only provide participants with a sense of accomplishment but also a sense of pride knowing that it was for a great cause. So next year when that alarm goes off early in the morning remember this, you’re running (or walking) for the cure.

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Lets travel! by brochure?

Have you ever been sitting around bored waiting for an appointment? Are you one of those people who looks for something to read to occupy your time while you wait? I am, I’m constantly reaching for the latest issue of People or anything else I can get my hands on. Occasionally I come across a few brochures while looking for something to make the time go a little faster. While most I just ignore, I sometimes come across some that appeal to things I am interested in or curious to learn more about.

Travel brochures appeal to me the most. Who doesn’t want to look at dream destinations and wish that they could visit one of those places? These brochures appeal to me because I love to travel and have a strong desire to go anywhere and everywhere possible. I guess you could say that’s one thing on my “bucket list”, aside from the million other things on that list, I need to get started somewhere.

I found the Italy brochure interesting, I actually really liked it to be honest. Italy is somewhere I have always wanted go. Partially because I love history and historic places, but I’m also a huge pasta fan and obviously Italy is the place to go for that. The brochure uses lots of pictures that symbolize Italy, like the leaning tower of piza, gondolas and other statues. Along with the pictures the brochure offers information about traveling to Italy and what the country has to offer.

One thing I love about brochures is they’re very informative, although they are also very outdated. Many people would rather get online and look up the specific information they need rather than flipping through a tri- fold brochure. They can be appealing to people in appropriate situations; in offices, like doctors or travel agencies, and also at information fairs, such as career fairs or interest expos. How and when companies or people use brochures is the key. If utilized in the proper setting they can be a very effective form of communication, but if not let’s face it, it’s a waste of paper and time.

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Pitching as we knew it

Media has changed the way we view products and their advertisements over the years. Andy Beaupre discusses how pitching has changed over the years in his article on, bringing up a valid point that pitching is an idea that is slowly becoming a marketing strategy of the past.

After growing up in a generation that has learned to rely on media in our everyday lives, it’s hard to see the affects that a pitch can have on consumers.  In my opinion, companies should be focused on brand awareness rather that pitching new information to reporters so that it can be reported in a short ,one- sided way.

Beaupre discusses that pitching doesn’t work anymore, I agree. He threw out the idea that instead of pitching it needed to be a two- sided conversation, by telling a story, listening, learning, and investing time. This way clients can build a relationship with the brand that will be meaningful because they can relate to the product and/ or the company.

Who wouldn’t want to hear about a product, how it was used, and the impact it had on other people’s lives? I’m the type of person who remembers a advertisement in which it’s telling me a story that someone else had with the product, rather than just reading facts about the product written by the company.

Although pitching is used to update society and to create publicity, I would have to agree with Beaupre that there are better ways to do so than relying on print media which is now outdated. When pitching an idea, the likelihood of it being published is slim. Relying on reporters to pick and choose what they want to report on while considering how its written, deadlines, etc., there’s not guarantees that your pitch will be used.

Social media has shifted how brands receive publicity. Now brands can create facebook pages and twitter accounts to generate brand awareness. By using new social media strategies not only can brands create publicity, but they can also use these sites as a hub to interact with current and potential clients. There they can share stories, generate feedback from consumers, share testimonies, have special offers, and other marketing strategies to create a customer relationship.

As a result Beaupre was right, pitching is dying, but it’s up to the brands, are they willing to adapt to this change?

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He Shoots, He Scores, We tweet

Caution, participating in a tweet chat may cause you to lose followers, but at the same time it may increase your credibility and social media skills. I found that a tweet chat is a very resourceful way to learn more about things you are interested, such as career choices. After participating in #SportsPRChat, I noticed that I had opened my mind to different aspects of the social media world. I had to think beyond the athletes and sponsors to the people who help create their public image, the job that I am someday hoping to have.

Being involved with a tweet chat can be very difficult to do. While trying to express your opinion on a question, you also have to consider those of others. A benefit is you can interact with that person almost instantly through the chat and bounce ideas off of one another. It was a rewarding feeling to share a thought during the chat and having other participants respond, retweet or favorite what you had to say.

The feeling was even more rewarding knowing that we were interacting with professionals, people who currently were doing the job that right now we can only dream of. The chat was a learning experience about how to use social media sites, how to utilize them with professionals, athletes and companies, as well as getting your name out there through a professional stand point. Who knew just a few questions could change your perspective about twitter?

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Twitter Your Life


Before communications 221 in the fall, I never wanted anything to do with twitter. I remember posting a status to facebook complaining because I thought we were required to have a twitter for the class. Since I signed up for the social media site I have been hooked, it has become a part of my everyday life, like breathing.

I enjoy the fact that I can generally find anything I need on twitter, whether it is up to date news coverage, horoscopes, career advice, the weather or general thoughts of those I follow. In fact, twitter is where I often times find out news first before I hear it from any other media outlet. Following local news stations has helped me keep up with what’s going on around me because it’s available at my finger tips on my twitter application on my phone.

I find myself tweeting my personal thoughts, but also about different products or companies that I’ve had a recent experience with. I think twitter is useful on both a personal and professional level, although the two mixing  can cause conflicts on a professional level. I’d like to think of myself as a semi- professional when it comes to the social media site, but I also tweet a lot of my personal thoughts.

However, I also like to tweet about companies and products that are part of my day to day life. I tweet to and about Starbucks multiple times throughout the week, occasionally about their customer incentive programs. It’s also helpful to tweet to companies, news outlets, or potential employers about different products or questions you have.

I recently tweeted Nationwide Arena for questions I had regarding upcoming events, they responded to my tweet in a timely manner, and provided me with all the information I requested and more. It’s impressive to me when a company takes the time to interact with customers and go above and beyond customer service.

Similarly, I enjoy asking people associated with the public relations handle advice regarding potential jobs. Not only do I generally get retweeted with an answer but I also get a lot more follows from people who follow the hashtag’s conversation. I recommended that other students follow @YouTern, an internship program designed to help students find an internship that suits them. I also recommend that they follow any potential or dream employer so they can keep up to date with what’s going on in the company, and provide any feedback to potentially get noticed.

Twitter has helped open the social media door, by linking people together who otherwise they wouldn’t know. You can learn a lot of useful information through the site while also teaching others something they may not have known. Watch out social media sites, twitter is taking over.

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Blogging for a career

Writing for some can be a way to express feelings that otherwise they may not feel comfortable discussing. Blogging is a growing profession where people can not only express what they feel, but in some cases can be paid for sharing their thoughts. As Jenna Burke explained to our communications class, blogging can be about anything, and anyone can relate to what you blog.

This idea got me thinking, how can blogging help land you your dream job? What are people really interested in reading about in blogs? We all know Perez Hilton has an infamous blog discussing celebrities and all the drama that comes along with it, but who really wants to be remembered for that? Not I.

As communication majors we are expected to use social media sites to talk about brands or products, as well other things going on in the world. Many have found that aside from using social media sites such as twitter or facebook, blogging has been a successful way to get their name out in the communications/ public relations field.  Bloggers have found that potential employers look at their blogs, making them stand out amongst other employee candidates.

I enjoy the idea of being able to blog about things that I find interesting or that relate to my life. Product or brand blogs are the type of blogs I would focus on, personally. Giving my feedback, which would help to promote different things, in turn possibly helping to get my blog and other works noticed. Blog what you know, what you feel, and what you think, who knows it could potentially turn into a career.

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Welcome to Communications

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Erika Stout, I am a strategic communications major at The Ohio State University. Upon graduating in December, I hope to find a job in Public Relations. My goal is to find a job somewhere in the South, preferably either of the Carolina’s or Tennessee. I work a full- time job as a server at a restaurant while attending school, because of this I have not had a lot of time to have an internship or gain much experience in the field of communications.

My job as a server has given me some opportunities to participate in activities with the public to promote the company, similar to what we have been taught about in classes. The restaurant, Leghorns, has been working to expand by opening new locations around the state of Ohio, someday hoping to branch out into other states.

During fall quarter of my sophomore year, I took a communications class to fulfill a general education class, and I loved the class. I thought a lot about changing my major from business finance to any major in the communications field. I considered a lot of things before deciding to make the switch but one thing was really the deciding factor, I’m a people person. I enjoy dealing with people, writing, and figuring out new creative ways to communicate. At the same time I enjoy the business side of things, but I could not see myself ever sitting behind a desk doing paperwork or spread sheets all day, every day.

Since I changed my major in Winter Quarter of 2010, I have never thought twice about changing my major. I’m excited to see what the future holds for my in the communications field. I am also currently seeking and internship for this summer and hope to gain a lot of experience through learning about potential jobs through a more hands on approach. I have faith that I will gain enough experience to find a job in public relations in the future, and I am excited to graduate and start a career.


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